Uplink Legal


Legal support for real estate owners and the full spectrum (pun intended!) of communications and emerging wireless technology industry players.

Areas of Practice

leasing and licensing of communications facilities

The communications industry is ever growing and evolving. With the consistent introduction of new technologies and growing capacity needs, there are continually leases, licenses, and amendments being negotiated between carriers, tower companies, and property owners. We help clients involved in any aspect of these negotiations draft and negotiate contracts and conduct any related due diligence.

master agreements/build to suit

Master agreements are essential to the evolved landscape of the communications industry and enable providers to implement bulk deals with ease on a national or regional basis once the "general" terms are in place. We have experience negotiating master agreements involving carriers, tower companies, property owners, and service/infrastructure/turnkey solution providers on a critical and national scale. "Build to suit" deals allow property owners and communications providers to tailor services to their specific needs and achieve cost and time savings. We draft and negotiate build to suit agreements employing the agility necessary to meet clients' needs.

site management agreements

Rooftop and tower sites are often managed by tower companies or specialized site management companies. We have experience drafting, negotiating, and helping clients work within the context of site management agreements.

DAS and small cell work

Distributed antenna systems ("DAS") and small cells have proliferated in recent years as carriers strive to increase capacity, particularly in densely populated areas such as downtowns, stadiums, shopping malls, amusement parks, airports, and convention centers. The use of DAS and small cell technologies has become necessary to meeting carriers' and building owners' customer expectations and will be instrumental in the development of initiatives such as "smart buildings" and "smart cities". Tailoring each DAS or small cell matter according to a project’s scope, size, importance, and budget, we secure the appropriate rights for all parties we represent.

transport, supply chain and land use components

Demystifying the transport, supply chain and zoning/land use components of technology installations is necessary in the context of the current industry landscape. We are experienced in integrating these components into master agreements and "one off" agreements and/or drafting and negotiating separate easements and licenses to address the full scope of clients' needs in connection with communications projects.


Communications site or system buyouts and investment deals are becoming increasingly commonplace in the communications industry. We have a working knowledge of these transactions and can guide clients on any side of the deal through the process.

litigation and corporate transaction support

Communications-related real estate rights may arise in the context of litigation, and clients may not want to add onto the already burdensome costs by paying litigators to bring themselves up to speed on nuanced or industry-specific issues. We are happy to provide litigation support in our niche areas of expertise, and have aided clients in achieving cost savings and positive outcomes by assessing the issues involved in lawsuits, working collaboratively with clients' selected litigators, and preparing and negotiating settlement agreements in the communications/real estate arena. Likewise, we have assisted clients through mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate-level transactions by  collaborating with corporate law teams on issues falling within our realm of expertise. We also handle pre- and post-closing due diligence such as title review, lease abstracts, assignments, amendments, and property portfolio documentation. 

utility, regulatory, and right of way work

DAS, small cells, IoT, and automated vehicle technology frequently involve collaboration between communications carriers, infrastructure providers, utilities, government entities, and right of way authorities. We possess the knowledge necessary to integrate these components and players to help "get the deal done" on the best possible terms for our clients. 


The startup marketplace is still a new and fierce contingent in the communications industry. We are happy to lend our expertise and industry experience in a consulting or legal-oriented business advisement capacity to startups or growth-oriented industry players.