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Why Uplink Legal?

Uplink Legal understands commercial real estate law and the communications and emerging wireless technology industries. By "speaking both languages", drawing upon an arsenal of options and solutions gleaned from both perspectives, and using a business-oriented approach, Uplink Legal helps clients achieve their goals and minimize risk efficiently. 

Uplink Legal provides clients with flexible, targeted, efficient, and value-added service by:

  • Operating solely within our identified areas of expertise; 
  • Using streamlined and innovative staffing and project management models; 
  • Offering hourly rates which are considerably lower than "BigLaw" rates and working with clients desiring alternative fee arrangements to assess, and if appropriate for the type and scope of a client's matter(s), implement, options such as fixed fees, value-based billing, volume-based discounts, and other non-traditional fee structures;  
  • Prioritizing the maintenance of up-to-date knowledge of, and networking within, the communications and emerging technology industries;
  • Treating our clients as collaborative participants in the management of their matters, thus fostering a mutually respectful and transparent relationship between law firm and client. 

The communications industry is expanding and evolving constantly, and Uplink Legal intends grow along with it. Just as the field is now far from limited to telecom tower and antenna leasing (although such work remains a staple for the time being), the law firms who can best work within the framework of the industry as it branches out into 5G, more complex DAS systems, IoT, smart building/smart city development and financing, and even automated vehicle technology are those who are able to fluidly adapt through constant industry education yet continue to preserve firm roots (and keep abreast of updates) in the substantive legal principles essential to implementation of the technologies.  Choosing to specialize in a field, and more so, establish a business related to a very specific specialty, means that you are completely devoted to it; that you will protect it as if it were your own. That is the energy that sets Uplink Legal apart.

Lastly, but certainly not least importantly, Uplink Legal is a WBENC-Certified WBE. We are proud to provide clients who value diversity with a woman-owned business outside counsel option while simultaneously delivering a high level of expertise, service, and innovation. 










Amy Bowen

Amy began her legal career working at a national firm with one of the most respected real estate practices in the country. She received top-notch training in generalized real estate (with emphasis on retail, office and industrial leasing) but also began to hone in on communications industry work early in her career. Her role at the firm evolved into filling a key niche for the firm by representing a major wireless carrier in a variety of network real estate-related matters, as well as handling numerous telecom, utility, and infrastructure-related transactional matters for the firm's commercial property owner, government, and media clients. 

After promotion to partner and a total of twelve years successfully practicing in "BigLaw", Amy's perception of the changing legal market, desire to engage more fully with the communications industry by representing a greater variety of industry clients, and her entrepreneurial drive led her to found Uplink Legal. 

Amy's overall approach to the practice of law is to maximize efficiency by using a balanced perspective combining a laser-like focus on details with a "big picture" view of the client's goals in any particular matter, allowing the client's business imperatives to dictate the manner in which negotiations are handled and risks are addressed. 

Amy is an active member of the Illinois State Wireless Association and of the Women's Wireless Leadership Forum associated with the Wireless Infrastructure Association.