Uplink Legal
Virtually unparalleled.


Uplink Legal provides transactional legal services using a virtual law firm platform. Our lawyers have years of experience at top-notch firms, but share the common belief that it’s time for the legal industry to evolve. We deliver modern and efficient legal services to clients who (like us!) take an innovative approach to sophisticated legal matters. Our lawyers possess a unique enthusiasm for the business of practicing law “the new way”: with a client-centered approach, free from the constraints of the traditional law firm model. The result is happy clients and happy lawyers. That is the energy that sets Uplink Legal apart.

Uplink Legal provides clients with flexible, targeted, efficient, and value-added service by:

  • Operating as a virtual firm, without the overhead of office space, utilities, and excess staff (with savings passed through to our clients);

  • Using innovative staffing and project management models which allow for flexible adaptation to client needs;

  • Offering hourly rates which are considerably lower than "BigLaw" rates and working with clients desiring alternative fee arrangements to assess, and if appropriate for the type and scope of a client's matter(s), implement, options such as flat fees, value-based billing, volume-based discounts, and other non-traditional fee structures;

  • Prioritizing the maintenance of up-to-date knowledge and implementation of legal practice management and artificial intelligence software;

  • Treating our clients as collaborative participants in the management of their matters, thus fostering a mutually respectful and transparent relationship between law firm and client.

Uplink Legal is a WBENC-Certified WBE. We are proud to provide clients who value diversity with a woman-owned business outside counsel option while simultaneously delivering a high level of expertise, service, and innovation.