Uplink Legal

We handle the real estate components of wireless technology.

Uplink Legal is a boutique law firm serving the real estate and technology sectors. We are experienced in communications site/installation leasing and licensing, site management and buyout deals, and the real estate aspects of emerging connected technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things ("IoT"), smart buildings and cities, and automated vehicles incorporating vehicle-to-infrastructure ("V2I") communication. 

The average layperson may fail to realize that the plethora of wireless and automated technologies in use today remain dependent on one or more links to the very opposite of the invisible wavelengths that fuel modern communications. The "uplink" (and "downlink" - but that would have made for a far less optimistic business name!) wouldn't happen without towers, antennas, fiber optics, and other ancillary equipment having the physical connection to the ground which is inherent to real estate law or in the case of building-associated technologies, the use of vertical  and in-building real estate space.

We deal exclusively with this intersection of traditional real estate law and emergent/evolving technologies including wireless communications, utility and smart building/smart city infrastructure, automated vehicle technology, and IoT.  We apply high-level real estate law competency to the implementation and management of technologies. There are only a handful of lawyers in the country who truly intimately understand this niche, and with the launch of Uplink Legal, we're following our clients' lead by offering our services in a modern, value-added manner.

Our goal is to be flexible, cooperative, responsive, and efficient in order to help our clients navigate their issues and deals according to their definition of success - whether it's aiding a building owner in quickly addressing an isolated problem with a rooftop telecom lease or guiding a startup turnkey infrastructure provider through its negotiations with property owners and major carriers and accompanying it down the path of portfolio development to the ultimate goal of a sale of the company (or anything in between), we're up for the challenge. For more information about Uplink Legal, please explore the links above.